Descriptive Writing - 1 The beauty of indigo dyeing

Descriptive Writingについて

Descriptive Writingは「描写するように書く」表現方法で、読み手がその情景を思い浮かべられるように表現する書き方です。


The beauty of indigo dyeing

Today, I came across a post on Instagram showcasing indigo dyeing at a certain location in Shimane Prefecture. Watching the dyeing process inspired me to describe the meticulous scene in English. Here is what I observed:

Outside the artist’s house, there was a vat filled with indigo liquid. The artist appeared and lifted a bunch of threads from the vat. Initially, their color was dark brown; however, after the artist squeezed the bunch, they turned sky blue. I couldn’t confirm if the sky blue was intentionally chosen by the artist or if it was just an intermediate check of the color. Additionally, the sound of indigo liquid dripping from the threads and the gentle lifting process were both soothing and meditative.

Although the video was very short, less than one minute, it left a profound impression on me. It made me realize my appreciation for traditional, meticulous craftsmanship.




Descriptive Writing 感想

今日たまたまInstagramで見かけた藍染の作業に心を惹かれ、「この作業、英語で描写したい!」と思い立ち、とにかく見たように感じたように書いてみました。初めて書いたDescriptive Writingですし、描写が足りない部分もあり、ここが練習できるところと気づきました。また一つ、できることを見つけた感じがいたします。